Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the session last?

Initial sessions usually take longer than follow-ups. 

Initial Equine: 60 - 90 minutes

Follow- up Equine: 60 minutes

Initial Canine: 45 - 60 minutes

Follow-up Canine: 45 minutes

How do I prepare for the session?

Please ensure your horse or dog is clean and dry when I arrive.  

What will I need to do during the session?

I will ask you to hold your animal and may ask you to move him/her around.  I may need to demonstrate some exercises to you and teach you how to perform them on your animal.. 

Can I ride my horse or exercise my dog after the session?

I often recommend letting the animal have a day or two off after a physio session and I will advise you towards the end of the session what is needed for your individual animal's case. 


Where can I find out more about Veterinary Physiotherapy?

Please call or e-mail to discuss your animal's needs
0780 972 4110

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